“The College Critic” is run by me, Paige Allen. I’m a student at Princeton University spending the summer of 2019 reviewing shows across New York City to become a better theatre critic. Since I am both writer and editor of “The College Critic,” I have set the following guidelines for myself in order to emulate writing for a “real” publication.

  1. I will review at least 10 shows in 8 weeks.
  2. Reviews will be capped at a maximum of 1250 words.
  3. Reviews are “due” within two days of seeing the show.

I also intend to include in all relevant reviews a “Broke College Student rating” which will assess if the show is BCS-friendly. A production’s BCS-friendliness is determined by factors such as the price of tickets, the potential for rush/standby tickets, and the quality of the viewing experience from “the cheap seats.”

This project is made possible by the Sam Hutton Fund for the Arts of Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts.